Monday, November 9, 2009


I created this layout on my first scrapbook weekend retreat. Again, another hand-drawn tree that I just inked. I also used some Creative Memories pieces-the apple-filled crates. I used apple die cuts for the left side border accents and just red cardstock to mat a few key pictures. Pretty simple layout, but that's the direction I tend to lean. I chose the title, "Apple Pickin' Up" because all the apples had dropped from the trees about a week before we made it. Still perfectly good apples on the good and easier for the kids to get. Beautiful day, and although there aren't pictures to prove it, Salina and her kids were there too.


Salina said...

Great layout, so great that I even scraplifted part of it!!

Carol said...

I love the layout. Are you really not consulting? Too bad, because I love your ideas.